Where it all began

From humble beginnings and an elevator conversation something like “Hey wanna start a business?”, Words in Motion has grown and changed rapidly over the years to meet the communication needs of children and families in our growing local community.

What hasn’t changed at all in this time is our core values:

  • Compassion
  • Respect
  • Creativity
  • Flexibility
  • Knowledge

We strive to reflect these values at all times in our interactions with families and the therapy we provide.

Our mission

Is to help our clients to communicate successfully and have fun while doing so.

The name ‘Words in Motion’ has dual meaning – we want to help children to get their words ‘in motion’ when they are struggling to communicate. Also, communication is an active process and our therapy style reflects this. We have a flexible view of what therapy ‘should look like’, and we encourage movement and floor time if this is the way your child learns best.

Our motto is ‘putting interaction into action’. Communication starts with interaction, and successful interactions occur when a child is motivated, so finding out what motivates your child is our starting point.

Every child is unique, so every program is personalised.

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