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Rose Purdie

Clinical Director

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Hi, I’m Rose! I completed a Bachelor of Speech Pathology in 2003 (Flinders University SA). Over the past two decades I have worked in a broad range of settings, but always with kids, as that is my absolute passion! Some of these settings included:

  • multidisciplinary teams with the Education Department working in schools
  • heading up a pilot project in a child-care centre advocating for early intervention for toddlers and young children
  • working overseas (Falkland Islands) providing therapy for students with special needs in the mainstream setting, with a focus on Augmentative and Alternative Communication systems and home-based services in remote communities
  • allied health coordinator in a special developmental school supporting students with an ASD, intellectual disabilities and other disabilities
  • early intervention for an autism specific service provider offering home-based family-centred practice

I am a Hanen-certified speech pathologist for the programs ‘It takes two to Talk’, ‘More than Words’ and ‘Talkability’.

In September 2012 Renee and I together established the Words in Motion Speech Pathology Clinic. Since this time, the business has flourished and my passions have diversified to becoming a mother of three and establishing the role of Clinical Director to a fabulous staff team.

Laura Williams

Clinic Manager

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Hi! I’m Laura and I’m a Senior Speech Pathologist and the Clinic Manager at Words In Motion Speech Pathology. I completed my Bachelor of Speech Pathology at La Trobe University back in 2009 before embarking on an amazing professional adventure which has taken me all around Australia from the remote Kimberley region of Western Australia, to Darwin in the Northern Territory, Sydney, Brisbane, and finally back home to Melbourne. Throughout my travels I have had the opportunity to work in a range of settings including hospitals, community health centres, mainstream and special education schools, and private practice.

I have experience working with children of all ages and with a diverse range of diagnoses, but am particularly passionate about the treatment of speech sound disorders including Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS).

I love working with children and their families, and feel so lucky and grateful to be a part of each individual journey. As a parent of two young children myself I am focused on ensuring that families feel well supported, confident, and empowered to best support their child’s ongoing communication development.

Carrie Adams

Practice Manager

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Hello, I’m Carrie. As the practice manager, I support the day to day running of the clinic and keep everything operating smoothly. I am one of the friendly faces who will greet you as you arrive to the clinic. I joined Words in Motion one year ago, bringing with me a strong background in retail management. Customer service and working with people is my passion. I thoroughly enjoy welcoming the children and families into the clinic everyday and in particular meeting new families. Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family, reading and shopping. 

Natalie Burnett

Administration Assistant

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Hi everyone! My name is Natalie. I was employed by Words in Motion in November 2020 as an Administration Assistant. You will greet me at reception, when you enter the clinic. I work part time alongside Carrie, our Practice Manager. I have previously worked in various administration roles. I also spent a few years supporting clients in a day service centre, as a Disability Support Worker. I take pride in helping people and I am passionate about providing you with great customer service. I really enjoy working at Words in Motion. We are a friendly team, who are always willing to help each other out. During my spare time, I enjoy quality time with my family and friends, playing with my fur babies, and escaping to the river whenever we can to camp and enjoy the scenery.

Constanze Rinner

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Hi there, my name is Constanze. I completed a Post-Graduate Degree in Speech and Language Therapy at Canterbury Christ Church University (England), and commenced work for the National Health Service in the UK. There I  gained experience in working with pre-school children in a busy Early Years clinic setting, as well as in a number of mainstream primary schools. I have significant experience in assessing and working with children with a range of communication difficulties, including speech, language and fluency disorders and selective mutism. 

I’ve completed a range of professional development courses including ‘Makaton: Key Word Signing’, ‘The Lidcombe Program of Early Stuttering Intervention’, ‘Cued Articulation’ & ‘Selective Mutism: Children Who Can Talk, But Don’t’ and ‘Derbyshire Language Scheme Training’. My special clinical interest lies in stuttering. I also have experience in delivering workshops on speech and language development, as well as fluency disorders to parents and education staff and enjoy working jointly with parents/carers and other professionals to achieve the best outcomes for each individual client.  

I love working with children and building unique working relationships with families, enjoy providing evidence based, fun therapy and am also partial to playing pop-up pirate and singing nursery rhymes! In addition to being a busy mum, in my spare time I enjoy running and skiing, as well as baking and eating cake.

Getty Hamidi

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Hello, my name is Getty. I graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology, Honours) at RMIT University in 2015. I enjoyed subjects related to developmental psychology which led me to complete a Master of Speech Pathology at Latrobe University.

I started my speech pathology career at Words in Motion and have continued this passion for private practice. I work for WIM part time in a special developmental school and part time in the clinic setting. In my role at the school I have gained significant experience in providing assessment and support for children using Augmentative and Alternative Communication Systems, in particular Avaz and Makaton. In the clinic I enjoy providing therapy for children with language impairments, speech sound disorders, literacy difficulties, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Intellectual Disabilities. 

I enjoy being a speech pathologist for children as I can use my creativity to plan and provide sessions. I love getting to know clients and working with their families to establish relationships that create positive change. In my spare time I enjoy reading, walking my dog, and spending time with family and friends.

Sara Demirovic

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Hello, I’m Sara. I completed my Speech Pathology degree at Australian Catholic University. 

I started my career working in an educational setting with primary and high school aged children. 

I’ve always been passionate about working with children and their families. Throughout my studies and volunteer opportunities at the Royal Children’s Hospital I developed a passion for working with children of all ages with a range of communication difficulties particularly speech sound difficulties, literacy difficulties, dysfluency, language and social communication difficulties. 

I have completed further training in the Lidcombe Program for fluency and Sounds Write for literacy. I am committed to providing therapy that is family centred, fun, creative and specifically tailored towards a child’s communication needs. I love being a part of a child’s journey and seeing them reach their communication goals! 

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, playing sport, baking, and playing with my Cat. 

Olivia Daquino

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Hi there, I’m Olivia! I completed my Bachelor of Applied Science/Master of Speech Pathology degree at LaTrobe University (2018). Through university, volunteer and career opportunities, I have developed an interest in working with children of all ages and with a variety of needs.

I am passionate about providing therapy that is transferable to the home and school/kinder environments, as I have a keen interest in the relationship between speech/ language and education outcomes. So much so, that I am currently studying education whilst working at WIM.

I love getting creative with my therapy sessions, making them engaging and fun for all involved (myself included)! In my spare time, I love exploring different cultures through travel and practicing my baking skills. 

Lisa Trinca

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Hi, I’m Lisa! I completed my Masters of Speech Pathology degree at the University of Melbourne. I am passionate about working with children of all ages and building relationships with families. I thrive on providing fun, child-centred therapy that is transferable to all areas of the child’s life, whether that be home, kinder or school. I have developed a passion for working with children with a range of communication difficulties, including Autism Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual Disabilities, speech sound difficulties and language delays. In my sessions, I make sure to include a child’s interests, and have lots of fun, all the while achieving their communicative goals. In my spare time I enjoy running, playing with my cat, and spending time with friends and family.

Katherine Anderson

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Hi there, I’m Katherine.  I completed a Bachelor of Speech Pathology at La Trobe University (2006). I have dedicated my working career to supporting children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and spent close to a decade working in an educational setting with primary school aged children. I enjoy working closely with a team of professionals, including occupational therapists, music therapists, psychologists and teachers to achieve holistic communication outcomes for students.

I am skilled in the use of a range of strategies that are known to be effective in helping children with an ASD to develop communication, play and social skills; including Aided Language Displays (ALDs), social stories, visual schedules and Alternative and Augmentative Communication systems. I have completed a range of additional professional training including PECS training, Hanen (It Takes Two To Talk), SOS (Sequential Oral Sensory) Feeding Therapy, ‘Learn to Play’ and Key Word Signing.

I take delight in working with children of all ages and in various stages of their communication journey and find great joy in seeing a child realise the power of communication. Since having a young family myself, I have a deeper understanding of family life and how to best to use daily routines to embed many communication, language and play opportunities. I enjoy working one on one with children, building relationships with families, getting to know their stories and building on their expert knowledge of their child.

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