Funding options

We understand that trying to navigate funding and financial support options can be very confusing.

Often families understand the importance of Speech Pathology support for their children but struggle to meet the financial obligations that come with accessing private services.

Fortunately, there are a number of different systems and supports that you may be able to tap into in order to access therapy for your child.

Please see below for the funding options that may be available to you.

Medicare Rebates

Read more about medicare rebates

Financial support may be available through Medicare for your child’s private therapy services.

Our therapists all have Medicare Provider numbers.

Medicare rebates are only available for children who have a valid referral (from a GP or paediatrician).

Referrals can be made out to Words In Motion Speech Pathology.

Rebates are available for assessment and therapy services.

Rebates are provided (usually on the spot in the clinic) after you have paid your invoice.

Speech Pathology services are not bulk billed (gap applies)

The most common referral for medicare rebates for Speech Pathology is provided by your child’s GP, under the Chronic Disease Management Program (formerly EPC):

  • Not every child is eligible for this program.
  • Visit your GP to discuss getting a referral for your child.
  • Rebates are only available for 5 sessions per calendar year (January – December).
  • Rebate is $53.80 per session (rebated after you have paid your invoice).

Additional medicare rebates are available for children who have (or may have) an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), under the Helping Children With Autism Program:

  • Only children with Autism (or requiring assessment for suspected Autism) are eligible.
  • Visit your paediatrician to discuss getting a referral for your child.
  • Rebates available for up to 4 sessions of assessment by Allied Health professionals for diagnosing ASD.
  • Rebates available for up to 20 sessions for Allied Health treatment sessions (total) to be used before a child’s 15th birthday.
Private Health Rebates

Read more about private health rebates

If you have Private Health cover you may be able to claim rebates from your Private Health fund:

  • Rebates vary depending on your family’s fund and level of cover.
  • To find out whether you are eligible and how much you can expect to have covered, contact your health fund directly.
  • Rebates are usually processed on the spot in the clinic.
  • Rebate is processed first; a gap fee then typically applies.
  • Private health rebates can not be used in conjunction with medicare.
National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Read more about NDIS

Some children are eligible for financial support under the NDIS:

  • Words In Motion Speech Pathology is not a registered NDIS provider.
  • Services can be provided under NDIS for self-managed and plan managed participants only.
  • Children with a diagnosed disability can apply for support from the NDIA.
  • Children under the age of 7 who require support in more than one area can also apply for support.
  • If approved by the NDIA, children receive a 12-month funding package (reviewed annually).
  • If you would like to to know more you can discuss with your child’s therapist during an appointment.
  • You can also contact the NDIA directly to discuss your child’s eligibility / apply.
  • The NDIA can be contacted on 1800 800 110
Public/Community Health

Read more about Public and Community Health

If your child is not eligible for support and you are therefore unable to access private speech pathology services due to financial factors, there may be public / community health options available.

  • Public health options are not available to all children.
  • Typically services are available to pre-school aged children (for therapy).
  • School-aged children can potentially access services through their school (for therapy)
  • Public health services vary based on the area you live in

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